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Data Packs
SpunkyJethro's Minecraft Server

Data Packs

The NillaCraft server runs the latest version of Vanilla Minecraft with a few Data Packs and Vanilla Tweaks installed to enhance gameplay.

Vanilla Tweaks / Crafting Tweaks

Packs listed below are from VanillaTweaks

    Crafting Tweaks - Link
  • back to blocks v1.2.0
  • charcoal to black dye v2.0.1
  • craftable gravel v1.0.0
  • double slab crafting v1.1.0
  • more bark blocks v1.1.0
  • more bricks crafting v1.0.0
  • more stairs crafting v1.3.1
  • more trapdoors v1.1.0
  • renewable coral blocks 2x2 v1.0.0
  • rotten flesh to leather v1.0.0
  • sandstone dyeing v1.0.0
  • uncraftable ice v1.0.0
  • uncraftable nether wart block v1.0.0
  • universal dyeing v1.2.0
  • wool to string v1.0.0
    Data Packs - Link
  • anti creeper grief v1.0.2
  • anti enderman grief v1.0.0
  • anti ghast grief v1.0.0
  • dragon drops elytra v1.2.0
  • graves v2.6.3
  • more mob heads v2.6.2
  • multiplayer sleep v1.0.2
  • player head drops v1.0.0
  • redstone rotation wrench v1.0.1
  • terracotta rotation wrench v1.0.1

Other Data Packs

  • vein_miner_u_1.16 - Link
    Custom Data Packs
  • more shulker shells v1.1.0
  • more wither skulls v1.0.0